Privacy Policy

Barnes Alford does not currently collect personal identifying information except:

  • the information you provide to us in a web-based form (for example, when you request to receive information via email or request services using forms on our web pages);
  • the information you provide to us in an email message;
  • any information your web browser provides, such as your IP address or the site from which you linked to our web server; and
  • to the extent that our web site may use cookies.

Barnes Alford will use your information only for the specific purpose for which you submitted the information. However, Barnes Alford may use information it obtains from its site in an aggregated form in order to gauge the usefulness and popularity of its web pages, or certain links to or from our site.

If you have questions about our privacy practices or about information that you may have previously submitted to us, please contact us via email at: